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Why Our Firm

Burr Capitol Consulting is in the business of achieving success for our clients. No matter what services you may need, our firm will be there to help you overcome the complex bureaucratic challenges that stand between you and your goals.

Our formula for success rests upon four core components: experience, relationships, drive, and strategy

Experience Matters

Burr Capitol Consulting has experience researching, consulting upon, and drafting legislation in a multitude of different policy areas. We have brought policy proposals and budgetary measures before legislative members, government agencies, and executive branch heads. Having successfully advocated for the passage of countless pieces of legislation, we are battle tested in the trenches of the political process. This extensive experience will be a driving force as we assist your organization in the pursuit of its goals.  

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Pivotal Relationships

At Burr Capitol Consulting, we have built beneficial relationships with countless individuals involved in the political process. These pivotal relationships were fostered through our involvement in many statewide projects, legislative endeavors, and political campaigns. By collaborating with elected officials, government employees, business organizations, and community leaders we successfully accomplished many of these initiatives while simultaneously developing trust, friendship, and respect among key policy influencers in our state. Burr Capitol Consulting will rely upon our strong rapport with these leaders to help your company succeed.

Driven By Results

In the political arena, you must often overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve your goals. Early on, our firm learned that no matter the challenge, if you work towards your goal with persistence and determination, success is always within reach. This result-driven ideology is the backbone of our philosophy at Burr Capitol Consulting. It has fueled our previous accomplishments and will continue to provide us the ammunition needed to help your company realize its objective

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Savvy Strategy

In government, as in business, strategy is everything. We have been a strategic partner in many statewide and local initiatives as well as numerous political campaigns. In two separate United States Congressional campaigns we helped formulate the effective strategies that helped both candidates overcome double-digit polling deficits and ultimately, come out victorious. The skills and foresight we have gleaned from our experiences leading the planning efforts for various public and private sector entities provide an immense value for our clients. We will apply these experiences to design and execute a custom-tailored plan of action to help your organization meet its priorities.

In seeking to accomplish your objectives, Burr Capitol Consulting will bring our broad experience, strong relationships, tenacious drive, and winning strategies to the table every day. We will skillfully guide your organization through the political process and will zealously advocate your positions. No matter your specific needs, Burr Capitol Consulting will be an invaluable asset to your team.

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