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Our Services

Burr Capitol Consulting is a full-service government relations and lobbying firm. We provide top-notch advice to help your organization pinpoint its needs and devise an effective strategy to meet them. With a tailored plan in place, we will execute a step-by-step approach to achieve the desired outcome. At Burr Capitol Consulting, your mission is our mission. We will work tirelessly to ensure it succeeds.

Policy Proposals
Engagement of Public Officials
Coalition Building


Whether you need overburdensome regulations cut, the industry playing field leveled, or a wrinkle in government contracting ironed out, we are here to help. We will present your position to amicable policymakers and assemble an allied group to accomplish your mission.   

Business Meeting
Leadership & Support
Membership Care & Enhancement
Fundraising & Public Relations



Whether you have a large functioning non-profit organization or a small low budget and membership organization, we are here to help. We offer a full-service management program to provide your non-profit with experienced leadership to enhance your financial stability, membership base, and overall mission. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

As the old adage goes, preparation is everything. We will research the issues affecting you to find a workable solution. We will convert these ideas into policy language, precision-drafted to meet your goals. Backed by strong research and a clear-cut proposal, we will design a custom blueprint to achieve your desired outcome. Even with favorable laws on the books, change is always on the horizon, so we will keep a keen eye out for measures that may have an adverse effect on you.

Management of Media Relations
GrassRoots Mobilization

Issue Advocacy

As it is their constituents who elected them to office, there is a strong incentive for public officials to act in accordance with the tide of public opinion. We will work with you to craft and present your issue message to the public in a way that will garner support. Mobilizing our citizenry to advocate on your behalf can be enough to push your policy proposal across the finish line.

Issue Advocacy
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