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Government Relations
& Lobbying Firm

At Burr Capitol Consulting, we specialize in government relations and lobbying, delivering exceptional service through insightful consultation and powerful representation.

About Us

Burr Capitol Consulting is a premier government relations and lobbying firm dedicated to delivering exceptional service through expert consultation and highly effective representation, primarily before the North Carolina General Assembly. Our firm is led by Jarret Burr, a seasoned governmental affairs professional with a proven track record in navigating complex legislative and bureaucratic landscapes to achieve client success.

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Our Services

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Navigating government regulations and policies can be complex. Burr Capitol Consulting offers tailored lobbying services to meet your needs, whether you're aiming to reduce regulatory burdens

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At Burr Capitol Consulting, we specialize in furnishing businesses with crucial intelligence and economic analysis, enabling them to adeptly navigate the political terrain and capitalize on development prospects.

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Navigating legislative and regulatory processes can be daunting without the guidance of seasoned experts. At Burr Capitol Consulting we offer invaluable insights and tactical focus to provide you with a competitive advantage.

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Why Burr Capitol Consulting?

Burr Capitol Consulting is in the business of achieving success for our clients. No matter what services you may need, our firm will be there to help you overcome the complex bureaucratic challenges that stand between you and your goals.

 Our formula for success rests upon four core components: experience, relationships, drive, and strategy.

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Broad Experience
Strong Relationship
Winning strategies
Tenacious Drive


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